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real estate trends

Real Estate Trends & Insights

Real estate trends are constantly changing. It's important to check out what real estate trends are happening. The real estate trends of 2021 prove that there will still be a good time for home sellers. It's hard to believe that more than ...

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internet of things

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of devices that transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. IoT stands for the Internet of Things. The term “Things” refers to devices that we use in our daily lives. The g...

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Property Transfer Tax: Avoid Tax Surprises

A transfer tax is a tax on the passing of title to property from one person to another. If you’re a California seller, you may notice that a chunk of transaction costs are going to transfer taxes. So what are these fees? In California, t...

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The 49ers Beat the Raiders After a 10-year Hiatus

The 49ers beat the Raiders after a 10-year pause. The San Francisco 49ers did not disappoint fans by imposing forcefully against their rival. The 49ers beat the Raiders at Levi’s Stadium on August 29. The much-anticipated rivalry of the ...

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Time Management

How to Properly Manage Your Time

Every Minute is Precious. Here's a guide to balance, efficiency, and productivity. Time Management: How? Dedicating time to your many tasks for the day is doable. However, the biggest challenge is achieving the right balance and avoiding dist...

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Bay Area Real Estate

Bay Area Real Estate Market After the Pandemic

Selling Bay Area Real Estate after the pandemic? Here’s what you need to know: The continued low inventory and high demand led to the Bay Area Real Estate shortage. Meanwhile, restrictions to hold open houses and showings have affected many ...

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backyard glamping

Glamping in the Comforts of Your Own Backyard

You don't need to travel far from home to have a wonderful glamping experience. Find your escape in the comforts of your own backyard with these fun ideas! Backyard Glamping!!! Outdoor Comfort Ditch the hard ground for something cozie...

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