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Tech Tune Up: Use What You Already Have

A tech tune up is all you need to reclaim the performance you need!

Tech tune up ensures that you’re getting the most out of your computer and software. It’s great when technology works, until it doesn’t. Whenever your tech doesn’t perform well, your efficiency and security is compromised. Furthermore, tech misfires impede your capacity to serve clients. Luckily, when your tech doesn’t perform well, you’re not really taking a gander at a “rip and replace” situation. Similar as tuning up your car, you might find that a tech tune up is all that is required to recover.

tech tune up

Remove Unnecessary Programs

These may include demo apps or trial version apps you decided not to work with. Keeping pointless apps can ruin your computer’s performance, clutter your hard drive and even possibly compromise security. Review the apps installed on your computer and figure out which ones you need to uninstall.

Organize Your Passwords

Passwords continue to be a common problem for most people. In spite of this, many people do not follow best practices regarding passwords and often reuse the same password across multiple accounts. Make sure to sign up and sign in to the browser of your choice and maximize the use of built-in password manager on your browser.

Secure Your Backup

In case of your computer crashing, can you recuperate all of your files? Consider your backup system cautiously. USB drives are inexpensive and easy to carry around. They are ideal for carrying to day to day work. Assuming that you have a great deal of files to store, you can get one with more extra room. Cloud storage is also worth considering. Cloud storage is a service where data is transmitted and stored to a remote storage system.


As what we’ve said, it’s great when technology works, until it doesn’t. Over the long run, the performance of our computers can deteriorate. Some of the time this happens in light of our activities as far as we might be concerned. Regardless, we can tune up our computer use and further develop security. You can find that your computer performs better and all the more safely. Good luck with your efforts!

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