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Piedmont: The Best of All Worlds

Piedmont is nestled in the East Bay, and its allure is tough to resist. Piedmont is a small city located in Alameda County, California, United States, completely surrounded by the city of Oakland. Quaint and bucolic with five city parks comple...

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The Best Filipino Restaurants to Try in the East Bay

The best Filipino restaurants to try in the East Bay specialize in classics done right. But it can be hard to know where to go. Many of the restaurants have been around for decades, and their owners tend to be older Filipino immigrants who...

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investment property

Investment Property Basics: What You Need To Know?

Investment property as a way to achieve financial freedom is a smart idea. How does investing in property work in practice? Investment property may cause you a lot of stress, but we believe you'll find a way to get through it. The majority of ...

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Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Valley: A Piece of Paradise

Sonoma Valley is a paradise that makes for an amazing getaway. It's known for its art galleries and the colonial-era plaza. Sonoma Valley is the perfect wine country escape. Located just 40 miles north of San Francisco nestled in the picturesq...

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Potrero Hill

Potrero Hill: A Treat at Every Turn

Potrero Hill, in many ways, defies the odds. Sunshine is plentiful (or, at least, it’s one of the first places in the City to enjoy sunny skies). You get a small town vibe with big city views. Potrero Hill is one of the sunniest neighborhood...

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2021 Real Estate Year End Recap

We're filled with gratitude for our clients, and for a truly historic year in real estate. In 2021, empowered by low interest rates, a record number of home buyers found their forever homes. If ...

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