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How Technology is Helping the Real Estate Industry During Lockdown?

Because of the shelter-in-place orders, house sales have been slower than usual. Fortunately, technology is effectively helping real estate agents and professionals during this time of crisis. Virtual walkthroughs and web meetings have become the new normal in reaching out to prospective buyers. Leading to continuous online property bookings. Digital marketing campaigns are very cost-effective as it doesn’t require a high budget. Online marketing is becoming the backbone of the business amid the pandemic.

It’s great how technology is being put into good use and the Realtors have succeeded in replicating the experience of open houses while sitting at the comfort of the buyer’s home. The property and cost details can be communicated to potential buyers via instant messaging or video calls. Buyers have the ability to view the available listings online. Thus, Realtors have no difficulty in closing deals with the adoption of technology as a marketing platform.

The lockdown period is also being utilized to make investors understand how real estate is the better asset class for investment through various webinars. House sales may have not been meeting the usual targets. But thanks to technology, sales are not at a standstill during the crisis. Hopefully, together we will eventually get to the new normal.