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buying my first home

Buying My First Home: What Do I Need to Know?

Buying a first home is very complicated but should be rewarding in the end. Buying your first home comes with many critical decisions. Here are steps you should consider to ensure your buying experience goes as smooth as possible. Be an e...

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maintaining human connections

Maintaining Human Connections in a Digital World

Maintaining human connections in a digital world continues to be extremely relevant as we all navigate through the digital world. Maintaining human connections to our clients is of utmost importance. Compass is a technology-driven company,...

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online home searching

Online Home Searching Tips

Online home searching is becoming one of the fastest-growing sources of qualified buyers in the real estate market. In this day and age, online home searching is inevitable for anyone starting to search for a new home. Searching for a new ...

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bay area single-family homes

What is Causing the Bay Area Housing Shortage?

The Bay Area housing shortage is causing prices to keep rising. Housing shortages occur because of supply and demand. Bay Area housing shortage factors: Low-interest rates. The demand for homes due to shelter-from-home orders and r...

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real estate trends

SF Real Estate Trends & Insights

Real estate trends are constantly changing. It's important to check out what real estate trends are happening. The real estate trends of 2021 prove that there will still be a good time for home sellers. It's hard to believe that more than ...

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internet of things

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of devices that transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction. IoT stands for the Internet of Things. The term “Things” refers to devices that we use in our daily lives. The g...

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Property Transfer Tax: Avoid Tax Surprises

A transfer tax is a tax on the passing of title to property from one person to another. If you’re a California seller, you may notice that a chunk of transaction costs are going to transfer taxes. So what are these fees? In California, t...

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The 49ers Beat the Raiders After a 10-year Hiatus

The 49ers beat the Raiders after a 10-year pause. The San Francisco 49ers did not disappoint fans by imposing forcefully against their rival. The 49ers beat the Raiders at Levi’s Stadium on August 29. The much-anticipated rivalry of the ...

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