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Best Dog Friendly Neighborhoods in San Francisco

Looking for dog friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco? You’re in luck because San Francisco is one of the most dog friendly cities in the U.S.

Dog Friendly Neighborhoods in San Francisco
Many dog friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco offer ideal environments for dogs and their owners. Here are our picks for the best dog friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco:

1. Sunset District

Sunset District is an excellent choice for dog owners. Enjoy close distance to both Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park. This neighborhood also offers accessible dog friendly shops and clinics.

2. Bernal Heights

With great weather and dog friendly parks, shops and cafes, this neighborhood is also a great choice for dog owners! This neighborhood is truly a dog paradise.

4. Parkside

As it’s name suggests, this neighborhood offers a lot of open spaces. The parks have great dog walking areas. Fort Funston is a popular dog friendly area. There are so many great places to bring your dog. The streets in this neighborhood are wide, so there’s plenty of sidewalk space.

5. NoPa

NoPa suits dog owners well, as the topography allows for spacious areas. The Panhandle is a great dog destination, as it has a massive open space for walks. There are many nearby play areas and business for daycare and grooming.

6. Mission Bay

Lastly, Mission Bay is the best choice if you want to live downtown with a dog. Go to Mission Creek Dog Park to meet other residents and their pets. You can also go down to Embarcadero, for its wide streets and nice views.

There is no better friend than a dog. They are always up for an adventure, are great listeners, and teach us to enjoy the little things in life. We hope that you enjoyed reading our list.

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