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Compass Agents Now Cover 45% of our Country’s Population

After a very busy first half of the year, Compass agents now cover 45% of our country’s population. Nearly 150 million Americans!

Compass agents are here to help with all your buying, renting, and selling goals. Here’s a newly updated map of the communities that we serve:
Compass agents

This excites us for a few different reasons:

  • Our dream of a coast-to-coast referral network for our agents has come true. Almost anywhere you consider moving, there are highly talented, high integrity, well-respected and hardworking agents we can refer you to.
  • In a hyper-local business, we often learn something new from new markets. This helps us build toward our vision to serve clients.
  • There are a lot of cities and states not on this map yet. Even though we are the largest independent brokerage in America, we’re still really only just getting started.

Compass Community

Meanwhile, the biggest reason we’re excited about the ever-growing Compass community is that it’s filled with such amazing people. Entrepreneurs who freely share hard-won wisdom, promising referrals, personal motivation systems, tech tips, and more with each other. Collaborators who understand how much more valuable lifelong trust and a good reputation are than maximizing the profit of any single deal. Lastly, families who work together, and lifelong friends who first met through work.

Agents of Compass

Today, at our current scale of 23,000+ agents, there are 265 million potential relationships between 2 Compass agents. Opportunity is everywhere all around us. But we know that over the past year and a half, it’s been harder to find the time to make connections and build new relationships.

In conclusion, the growth we’ve experienced in such a short time frame is truly outstanding. Compass is on a fast track to total domination in the San Francisco – Bay Area market. Compass plans are the same for all major markets throughout the country.

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