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Bay Area Real Estate Market: Less Inventory, Sell Faster!

We believe that data helps us to keep tabs on the market. That’s why we regularly post updates about the Bay Area Real Estate market. If you’re planning to buy or sell in San Francisco, you will find it useful to learn the latest market trends. Once you are ready to buy or sell, you will be one step ahead.

Bay Area Real Estate market

Buying or selling in the Bay Area Real Estate market can be daunting, which is why you don’t want just any Real Estate agent by your side. As a top-ranked Real Estate agent team, we have a proven track record of seamless transactions and world-class customer service.

Homesellers across the Bay Area list new homes for sale every day, and they are instantly moving under contract! One important aspect of selling homes in low-inventory markets is pricing them correctly. If you need to sell quickly, having a home inspection before the listing can help you sell your home quickly. This will take out the extra step for buyers who are already feeling the pressure of searching for a home. The home inspection must include checking major systems, windows, and doors. Also look for signs of water damage, mold, and cracks in the home and foundation.

Another advantage of a home inspection before the listing is you get to see the report earlier if there are issues. This will then allow you to fix these immediately. Fewer negotiations also happen as the seller and buyer will already know what is wrong with the home and what has been fixed. In a seller’s market, making the home appealing is important because you are competing with many other sellers. Together with the fast transactions, the return on investment (ROI) will be higher as the inventory is low. This will then lead to price hikes as bidding wars will likely start. The law of supply and demand is always in the seller’s favor as the supply is low, and demand is high.

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