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Biggest Home Seller Mistakes During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, technology and creativity are the keys to a successful sale. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when selling your home:

No Virtual Tour Available
Virtual tours are very important to display your property without an in-person tour. Staging your home has never been more important, even if you’re not letting people in. You can meet clients online via Zoom meetings and send E-sign docs to avoid any physical transaction.

Overpriced Home
During the pandemic, sellers should still be very careful not to overprice offers. There may be only few choices on the market at the moment but buyers are not desperate.

Unwilling to Negotiate
You can often hold firm on your asking price but make other concessions. It helps to gain the trust of the buyer. You’ll find buyers are more likely to become more cooperative in negotiating with you.

Won’t Make Repairs
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, home inspections are still being done. Buyers use Zoom or FaceTime to communicate with inspectors. Keep in mind that buyers look for homes that require few repairs so make sure your home is in top shape. Just be careful not to waste your time and resources with repairs that won’t make a difference.

Avoid these home seller mistakes and make sure to be working with a Realtor. We in Minchen Team have mastered completing transactions virtually and taking social distancing guidelines into account. We’ve recently sold a listing via FaceTime. We provide creative solutions for your Real Estate needs.